A background check is an alternative people in knowing the background of people who have not known. A background check can be used by individuals and companies. The use of individual background checks is usually used only to find out the identities of nearby people such as missing families, friends, or new neighbors. This is the best source of reference that will reveal the identity of others in factual. In addition to individual use, background checks can also be used in a company. Companies usually use background checks to find out the original identities of job seekers. Thus, there is no word fraud in the identity or data self-employment seekers. Over time, the background check has pros and cons. For some people, they agree with background checks, but some people disagree with the reason for a privacy violation. Then, what kind of data will appear if we have typed our name in the background check? Learn more at

In The Background Check, What Data Will Appear?

In the background checking process, some of your personal data will appear. This data is taken from the data of residence and your social media account. So, this background is very valid data so many people who use background check because this is very helpful to them. Visit  to find out. Then, what data will appear later? The data that will appear in the background check are job verification, credit check, criminal record, and your personal data. In job verification, there will be a history of your previous work. It can help the company to track what position you have served before. Credit checks can bring up your credit record, whether you ever owe or not. In a criminal record, a police record will appear whether you have committed a criminal act before. In the data self, there will appear full name, date of birth, your address, and so forth.

Which Background Check Sites Are the Best?

Currently, there is five best background check sites. These sites are the best sites that can accurately check someone’s background. In addition, these sites are sites that are often used by many people. The five sites are:

  1. BeenVerified is the best site that has almost 100% accuracy. You can use this site and you will be charged $ 22.86 per month.
  2. Truthfinder: this site has a lower accuracy rating than BeenVerified, but has a higher price of $ 27.78.
  3. Checkmate: this site has the same level of accuracy as the truthfinder, but the price is very high at $ 34.78.
  4. Peoplelooker: the level of accuracy and price have equality. You will be charged $ 18.28 per month if you use this site.
  5. Spyfly has a price and level of accuracy that is not comparable. The price is much more expensive than the peoplelooker.