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Advantages of Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program

Advantages of Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program

Teenage is the most beautiful phase of life, where in there is no tension and worries of life. You can enjoy with your friends and family to the fullest. But this is also a very vulnerable phase too. It is at this juncture of life, where teenagers are most likely to take wrong decisions of life which ruins their entire life. Enroll in the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program today.

It is very crucial for family to keep a positive intervention in the lives of their teenage children. In fact not only family but also teachers, other elders, society should join hands to support and guide teenagers. Anasazi foundation is based on positive interventions only. It is a nonprofit organization which helps troubled teenagers.  These children could have been a victim of physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse or any other kind of victims to any violence. The foundation believes in taking such teenager to an isolated hiking in Arizona to keep them away from all negative distractions of evil society. On such hiking they have to carry their own luggage, eat simple and plain meals (comprised of mostly rice and lentils), sleep on ground and live a very simple life for that period. On their trip they realize the importance of one life that we have got, channelize their thoughts on their future life, decide on their motto and bid adieu to all negativities they have been a part of in past.

There have been many teenagers who have been benefitted from the Anasazi foundation troubled teen program. Enroll in the Anasazi Foundation Troubled teen program today. Let’s see some of the major benefits of this program:

  • It’s a 24 hour hiking program, where teenagers keep hiking from dawn to dusk. This very well keeps them at bay from any kind of negative attraction, which they experience in outside world.
  • They follow a very simple life style and eat simple meals.
  • They learn to carry their own baggage, this is not just in terms of luggage but baggage of their doings too.
  • It is a program for 12 years old to 25 years old.
  • It is an excellent way to train outdoor survival skills.

If a child or a teenage has had a troubled past, it is not the end of the world. With proper support and guidance they can be very well diverted to a better life and a prosperous future.