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Are there Any Disadvantages for Electric Scooters?

Are there Any Disadvantages for Electric Scooters?

In the modern world, where cars, buses and trucks all together cause hectic traffic jams, and environmental pollution, electric scooters stand out as a savior. They can easily access places, can be driven by any; both the young and the old. They are environment friendly, does not produce hectic traffic jams or huge sounds, and hence help in reducing noise pollution too. They run on a battery source rather than a fuel like petrol or diesel. Thus, in almost all cases, electric scooters remain unbeaten as the most efficient mode of transportation. But despite having so many advantages or benefits, an electric scooter also has a few disadvantages. Here, we will take a look at them

The first and the major disadvantage is the speed. As we know, the speed limit on cars, buses or other modes of transportation permits the driver to travel at high speeds. Most electric scooters have a speed limit of around 20 mph or lower. This means that unlike in a car or other vehicle, you cannot expect to race to your destination in electric scooters.

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Using an electric scooter, you may be able to avoid small speed breakers, or traffic jams, but these do not necessarily translate to saving time. Electric scooters are not built for speed. No matter how hard you press the accelerator, they will only travel at the speed they are designed to.

Another disadvantage is that do not expect it to go long distances. They are designed for ensuring mobility; to travel between places, but not to move from one city to another. They are designed for travelling short distances.

Again, you will be not be protected from the harsh weather conditions like rain or winds; unless you have taken some measures to protect yourself from them. Also, depending on the geographical location, these electric scooters cannot be used everywhere. If you live in a place where it is very cold during the winters, you may not be able to use electric scooters at all.

But despite these drawbacks, electric scooters still prove to be an efficiently convenient mode of transportation between places. Be it for you to run errands, or to drop your child at school or pick them up, electric scooters are the best option to do so while avoiding the traffic jams and the other inconveniences of other modes of transport.