Make Your Food Look and Taste Yummilicious!

Make Your Food Look and Taste Yummilicious!

You might have noticed that foodis often doused with myriad secret ingredients that add to its unique flavor.

When you open a pack of cookies, it looks just perfect and delicious,and tastes right in just about any season.Wonder why? All your favorite kinds of food are processed and preserved to make sure they reach your taste buds without contaminants.

Food preservation involves food dehydration that helps remove any moisture from the food to avoid the growth of molds, yeast, and bacteria. When you want to dry the food, make sure the air circulation is at its optimum best. Place it in a mild humid area at a temperature of 120 ℉ to 150 ℉ and you’re all set.

Make Your Food Look and Taste Yummilicious!

How is a food preservation ingredient extracted?

The food element that helps in keeping food delicious while storingit for longer durations is called “carrageenan.”

Commonly known as polysaccharides, it’s an extremely useful ingredient. It’s extracted from a type of seaweed, which is heated with water and alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, for certain hours.

Alkali is used for a chemical change to increase the strength of the gel. This chemical solution is filtered to prevent the strainer from getting blocked by its gelatinous constituent part. The final product is powdered and can be utilized in food to make it flavorsome and presentable.

You can use this food ingredient like a vegan alternative to gelatin to keep your foodin good condition – retains moisture in meats, and prevents chocolate separating in milk pudding.

The product is generally categorized into two forms:

  1. Graded is called poligeenan, and is extensively used in foods for more than 100 years. It’s a safe ingredient to use in your kitchen to uplift the texture and taste of your dish.
  2. When degraded, this product is quite harmful, and is recommended that you don’t use it in your dish.

Why use preservatives?

This seaweed extract has a wide range of emulsifying properties, like slime, knead, and much more. The usage of this product in food is around 5%, and it contains a few highly reactive elements,which includes milk proteins, used in dairy products at low concentrations to prevent fragmentation.

Carrageenan is an ideal food additive that’s widely used in processed foods, like thickening, gelation, and equilibrium, or stabilization.

Here’s some food for thought: This amazing seaweed extract is successfully used in the food industry since the 1950s in the U.S.