Read further and learn how to get help in Windows 10

Read further and learn how to get help in Windows 10

Though Windows 10 had been released in the early second half of 2015, many new users still continue to face problems while using it. Since this version of Windows is the most complex ever, many users tend to face problems. If you too are a user of Windows 10 and have been facing problems while using it, then read on to find how to get help in Windows 10.

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Make use of the F1 key

The first and easiest way to get help while using Windows 10 is by pressing the F1 key. Unlike in other apps, where the F1 button directs us to the Help section; F1 button in Windows 10 takes us to Bing search in default browser and shows “get help in windows 10”. Sometimes, we might need to activate the F1 key. To do this, we have to hold down the Start button while pressing the F1 Key. Some devices might even need us to disable the Function lock, which is done by pressing the Fn lock button.

Take the help of Microsoft Support

The second way is to take the help of Microsoft Support – by choosing a dedicated app already present in our device. All we need to do is to press the Start button and scroll down till we reach the Contact Support. In some devices, Contact Support is also called Get Help. We can select from multiple options – such as Preparing Microsoft to call us or Live Chat- under Contact Support/Get Help. In case we choose Microsoft to call us, we can either request them to call us right away or even choose to schedule the call at a more convenient time.

Take the help of Cortana

Cortana is a digital assistant that can help us with fundamental problems with Windows 10. This can be enabled by simply clicking on the microphone that is displayed in the Menu bar. Another method to enable it is by saying “Hey Cortana”. However, the second method can only be used if Cortana is already enabled. Once Cortana is enabled, we can get help in Windows 10 fundamental topics. Cortana can either direct us to videos that can help us with our queries or help us with simple problems such as keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Paste.

Call or Chat with Microsoft

The last method is chat or schedule a call with Microsoft. Additional assistance options can be seen at the bottom of the window even after we have searched for an answer from Contact Support or Get Help and we can choose from these options too.