Wheels are the greatest invention to date.  What wheels are to humankind stun guns are to the safety of humans.  Producing much pain without big injuries is the keyword of stun guns.  The non-lethal way of self-defense by stun guns have been made legal in many states of America.  Even the American police use stun guns to safeguard them from unlawful attackers.  The temporary high voltage low current could stop the muscle triggering mechanisms and makes the prowler or attacker immobile.  This gives the live-saving time to act accordingly.  With technology best stun gun doesn’t have to look like a gun but of anything nowadays with the safety and security of prime concern.

  • Taser :

      Electroshock weapon to deliver electric shock was first developed as a Taser by a NASA researcher.  By evolution of Taser stun guns came into use as nonlethal safety and security provider.  The stun guns evolved to smart guns with technology and it became easier to carry for multipurpose activities.

  • Taser and stun gun :

Taser and stun gun both are electroshock weapons but of different qualities.

  • A taser could be shot even from a 20 feet distance but shotguns could be used only on contact with the attacker.
  • Taser operates through projectiles whereas shotguns need no projectiles.
  • With Taser, there is a possibility of missing the target and become vulnerable to attackers. But shotguns are of the full meaning of right on target because they are used on the target.
  • A taser could be used from a distance which avoids the direct and immediate attack. Shotguns have to be very close to the attacker.

Whether it is a taser or a shotgun the purpose is the same.  Safety and security are making it mandatory for everyone in today’s world to own one and face the troubled face to face. 

  • Evolution of shotguns :

      From 1969 to till date shotguns have evolved to suit the needs and situations for the safety of people.  The modern day availability of all makes and types makes it is easy to protect one’s safety and the family from any unexpected attacks.

      Life is a garland of unexpected events which makes it interesting to continue living.  But to face the dreaded unexpected moments it is better to buy the best stun gun now.