Massage chair – Comparison of the best features

Massage chair – Comparison of the best features

Today massage chairs are becoming very popular throughout the globe. Moreover they are really affordable and are available in verities of models. Only some models are expensive. But in many cases the costs are justified when compared to their features and benefits. One type among these is reclining massage chairs which can be used for many purpose. You can watch TV by sitting on it by suing it as a comfy reclining chair. Otherwise on it and get a gentle massage. Check out the massage chair reviews.

Today one can also go for electric massage chairs. They come with lot of benefits. They can  be used for targeting sore areas or specific muscle groups, one can save money which otherwise will be spent on spa, one can take massage as much as they want, by caressing to deep tissue, one can control the massage strength level, it will not get tired.

Let us look at some common types of massage chairs.

  • Massage chair pads
  • Standard massage chairs
  • Full featured massage chairs
  • Shiatsu massage chairs
  • Portable massage chairs
  • Reclining massage chairs
  • Zero gravity massage chairs

There are few things which must be considered while choosing one among these massage chairs. Some of them are weight capacity, music player, warranty, material, heating feature, manual or power recline, and cost and shipping options.


All features cannot be accommodated in a single massage chair so, have set of features in mind, which you are expecting before buying massage chair. Even though a chair comes with the entire features listed may not be of model which you like and the features & model that you liked may not be available in your favorite color. So, it is not easy to choose a model among thousand models.

  • Some chairs come with health programs built in. If this is your choice you can go for it. pre programmed massage sequences which help in improving overall health
  • Some chairs come with quiet operations using this one can mute. Four wheel driven massage chairs are also available today
  • Some chairs have the option to adjust their vertical positions as well. So this helps in adjusting it to any point of users back.
  • There are models available with zero gravity designs. Check out the massage chair reviews before you buy one.
  • Also, electric massage chairs help in improving posture of legs, mobility, and flexibility.

Even though there are plenty of massage chair brands are available, one has to choose one among them. Inada massage chairs are very popular and majority of the consumers go for it in US market. But there are also many brands available like Panasonic and Fuji massage chairs.