List of calcium rich food

List of calcium rich food

Calcium is one of the most significant mineral present in your body as compared to any other. It is the base of bones and teeth which directly lay their impact on cardiovascular health as well as muscle functionality. As we all are pretty much aware of the key sources of calcium are derived from the dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. However, what we need to know is that there are certain non-dairy products as well which are a great source of calcium. Lets’ take a look on the best calcium rich food that we really need to intake for healthy bones:

Almonds: Shocked? Even I was. We have always considered almonds the best source to brighten up our brains. Apart from sharping our brains out, it is a rich source of calcium. As compared to the other nuts, in regards to their properties, Almonds are the one which are high in calcium content. They are best suggested to be taken on a daily basis throughout the year

Tofu:Often people get confused over the difference between the tofu and cottage cheese. It is best recommended for those who are conscious about their weight. It is a perfect replacement for cottage cheese. This rich source of calcium is extracted out of the soya milk. The consumption of tofu will provide a good source of protein in a single serving

Broccoli: This is one of the best and recommended food which is highly nutritious in its properties. But we often tend to avoid it because of course we don’t like it. Regardless of its taste and our unlikeness, we should not avoid its benefits. This vegetable is a rich source of calcium and an effective destroyer of the cancer cells in the body

Oranges: Who doesn’t love oranges? We all do. This fruit is extremely known for its richness in Vitamin C. But did we ever knew that this is a rich source of calcium too? Yes. Oranges are best for bone health as well. This fruit contains 74 milligrams of calcium which is sufficient for daily intake

Sesame Seeds:Oh Yes. Sesame seeds are best in winters. Their intake or consumption rises during the winter due to their properties of providing the body necessary heat and keeping it warm from the chills. One tablespoon of sesame seeds are highly recommended and serves the sufficient amount of calcium required for a body on a regular basis. We suggest you to take it best with milk

Apart from the everyday dairy products, it is best to know the different sources which are non-dairy. There are other non-dairy products as well which are high in calcium like sweet potatoes, Lentils, White Beans, etc. Health is the only wealth which we possess and ignoring our premium wealth will not give us anything back. So stay healthy, Stay Fit.

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