All Hail The Potent Local Paparazzi

All Hail The Potent Local Paparazzi


The local newspapers offer very little to the imagination as you might think. The national newspapers is where all the spicy news really lies. The local newspaper offer no value to other than the locals and is just brings out the interests, opinions, and ideologies of them with providing valuable news of the happenings in the neighbourhood. If that is the case, then are locals not that important? Don’t their opinion matter at all, or should we just abandon them and think or pretend that they do not exist? The local newspapers are the king of the press and providers of the news that is more important than the gossip and rumour-filled news of actors and other celebrities that the national newspapers present. The locals get a chance to shine as they would be otherwise be overshadowed by the trump of news that is there in the national newspapers. Without the local newspapers the people who are already insignificant (other than the Tribeca celebrities) in their own towns would be lost forever.

Tribeca celebrities

Celebrity Galore

The local neighbourhood newspaper offers something that the national newspaper would never be able to do and that is to give the local businesses, artists, chefs, restaurants, and also some of the local celebrities to shine for some time, in a place where they matter the most. Take for example the Tribeca newspapers that throw the spotlight onto everyone that associates themselves with the neighbourhood and people who just have the same lives and opinions as the people represented in the national newspapers. The whole host of Tribeca celebrities like Gerad Butler and BlakeLively have something to do with the local community and contributes to the spirit of the locals very well. This act shows that the celebrities themselves do not care about the popularity of he national pride or the fanciness of the big cities and prefer just to be among normal people with normal interests.


All in all the locals prefer to live a low-profile life and still have other interests and opinions within them that are therefore broadcasted by the local newspapers and brought to light. Even some of the celebrities seem to think that now the life of a movie star or a business man is best suited to be expressed in local areas where they just want to live normally and have normal interests and opinions on various aspects.