Becoming an Egg Donor : The Donation Procedure

It is possible for any healthy woman to be an egg donor. If you wish to be one, you should be ready physically and mentally. The procedure is quite simple. You should apply for being a donor at any agency or program. The qualification list will differ from agency to agency. But there are many common attributes they are looking for such as health, healthy BMI, healthy family health history and so on. Now for the actual California Egg donor Program procedure; you need to know if you are going to be an egg donor so that you can be prepared for the process.

Here is how it goes:

Check for qualifications: For first-time donors, an initial screening is done to check the health status of the donor.  A blood test is done and an ultrasound is also done. Hormone tests are undertaken. Once it comes out fine, psychological screening is undertaken.

The days you need to give: It can be weeks or months. But usually, it does not beyond four months.

Further tests: once the initial test results are found to be good, the doctor will also conduct few more tests which will also include genetic screening.  He will give you appointments from time to time. You need to be present for the same. These tests are mandatory so as to decide if you are fit enough to be an egg donor. These tests do not take much time and are painless most of the time.

Legal procedure: Once the tests are done with and you are finally declared to be fit for an egg donor, you will be given a legal contract. Read this carefully but at the same time, it is not a confusing contract as the agency will speak to you about in detail beforehand. The recipient and you will sign the papers.

The medical procedure: This will require you to take medicines to stimulate the functioning of the ovaries to produce eggs.  Hormonal injections may be given. The doctor will check you all the time.  After regular testing, the follicles are tested and when the eggs mature, the doctor retrieves the egg. The California Egg donor Program procedure may take 30 minutes or so and you will be advised rest for some time.

This is the final step. Once the eggs are retrieved, the doctor informs the recipient and her representatives about the same. After this, you will be given the compensation that has been agreed upon.