Overview of blockchains

Overview of blockchains

The essence and utilization of block chains are extremely popular in the market today. In fact, these block chains are utilized in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the concept of this cryptocurrency and in the concept of data structures will be clearly defined as one of the chapters in computer science field. There are huge numbers of blockchain companies are existed throughout the world due to its essence only. Actually, the primary format of this block chain is considered as a hash tree. In short, it is termed as Merkle tree. It was introduced by Ralph Merkle. Its responsibility is used to verify and tackling data among different pc’s. Initially, it came into existence in the year 1979. As we know that in a peer to peer network systems, while transferring data there will no modifications would be caused as there is a mandatory factor to validate data appropriately. This process happens with the help of this hash tree only. In fact, it will be quite helpful in ensuring wrong data which was not get transferred at any cost. Moreover, it is essential and helpful in maintaining and proving data integration which has been shared.

Creation of blockchain process:

This hash tree or Merkle tree is useful in creating a secured chain of blocks. It certainly means that, the data records in a form of series where each data will be connected one before one each data. In this way, the chain process will be carried out in a sequential process but in a preceded way (a data is connected before data). This is how the creation of block chains happens. It initially happened in the year 1991. Due to the essence of these block chains, a famous person named Satoshi Nakamoto has introduced a concept regarding these block chains in distribution. It happened in the year 2008.  This concept facilitates the information regarding exchanging data, using peer to peer computer network systems for time stamping and also validating each and every exchange. This process is securely managed with the absence of central authority. This is the only reason why the block chains have become the bitcoin backbone. Instantly, this might be also a reason for the existence of fame in blockchain companies as of now. As we know that this bitcoins are a form of different cryptocurrencies which are acquired a huge popularity in the today’s world.


Hence the wide range of utilization of these block chains is quite helpful for transferring of secured data. In this way, many companies utilized this fame and popularity for the profit of their business especially earning cryptocurrencies widely in current market today.