Grooming Your Dog Can’t Get Any Easier

Grooming Your Dog Can’t Get Any Easier

Dogs make wonderful pets that most people prefer having in their homes. Owning a pet isn’t all about having fun; you need to take proper care of them – feeding, training, grooming, taking them for walks and runs – the list is endless. Grooming your dog and feeding them nutritious food go hand-in-hand, and you can’t afford to compromise on either.

Be ready to hear “I told you not to . . .”

Some dogs look like a hot mess without grooming for a longtime. Grooming is something that is less spoken of when it comes to taking care of dogs. However, some people do take their dogs to a professional for grooming. It’s suggested that you read The Happy Pooch or any website thatcan help you groom your dog without outside assistance.

If you’re new to grooming your furry friend, be ready for a few laughsalong the way. Don’t worry, the best thing about fur is that it grows back. The joy of DIY situationsis mind boggling rather than driving all the way to the pet store for your dog’s grooming sessions.

Some of your friends might fawnat you after a “grooming gone bad,” and you might have to dodge your way around things,“I told you not to do it yourself and take it to a professional groomer!”

Grooming Your Dog Can’t Get Any Easier

A new start for the first-timers

If you’re a first-timer, it’s suggested that you comb your pet when it’s calm, probably after play or walk on the lawn. You must make the initial grooming sessions shortuntil your dog gets accustomed to this way of handling, you can add more time to grooming it as you progress. It’s recommended that you cheer up your dog with treats after a cumbersomegrooming session.

Dogs like to wriggle themselves in dirt and grass that tend toget tangled in their fur. It’s suggested that you brush or comb your dog regularly to keep its skin and coat healthy and clean. Depending on your dog’s coat the frequency of grooming would vary. Chihuahuas, Doberman pinscher, or beagle have short-coats and require weekly grooming;dogs with luxurious coats, likecocker spaniel, need daily grooming.

You and your dog should have fun while grooming

The ultimate purpose to groom your dog is to have fun while you spend quality time together. You might find it tasking initially, but you can always take help from The Happy Pooch which guides on how to take good care of your dog.