Comparison of a Part time vs. full time trade insurance

Comparison of a Part time vs. full time trade insurance

If you are in motor trade industry, and if you are coming up for your renewal the traders can for a part time motor trade insurance instead of full time policy in order to cut the costs. The difference between them is that the part time trader will have occupation that forms their primary source of income. It is an extra source of income for those who trade part time. It is also stripped down to bare minimum level due to the risk profile being less.

Full time cover is thorough and part time can be thorough and is cheaper. Due to the increased level of trade activity the full time cover costs more. There is a higher chance of an accident happening that result is due to the greater level of trade activity. You will be able to gain an extension to your policy the covers your main business and will also combine your policies reducing your insurance costs if you are working as a sole trader and if it is a source of your primary income. You also need to prove a level or trade activity to the insurer.

InsuranceHow is part time insurance better?

In the part time policy you have to show proof of buying and selling at least 6 cars for the year. You have to show multiple receipts or the invoices of your work. You cannot obtain a policy as repairing or selling 2 cars a year does not qualify as a business. Part time traders are car dealers or mechanics. Traders of the size will do a mixture of mechanical work and selling motors.

Others can only take out part time motor trade insurance that includes valeters, breakdown recovery options, collections and delivery drivers. Cheap traders insurance is only given to those who have applied for it. The price depends on the risk profile as how well you have maintained your no claim bonus, your trading location and more. You can also have competitive policy still even with a less than perfect risk profile. Get the cheap part time motor trade insurance quote on our website at


Style your wheels of BMW

Style your wheels of BMW

BMW car

Want a luxurious ride, are you dreaming of an elegant car? Come on get on to BMW, one of the most popular cars in the world. The origin of the car is from Germany and this is a multinational company and has its units all over the world. They manufacture automobiles and motorcycles. These automobiles came into the market with the brand name BMW and have sub brands with the names BMW M and BMW i. They also have the history of motor sports participating in racing with their models. It has its own and unique logo with BMW printed on it. The models of the car had been changing from time to time starting from the year 1916 but the quality, which is the best remains the same. They also produced electric car that means the car runs on electricity.

Wheel styling

The styling of the wheel gives great look to your car filled with lot of ambience. Styling the wheel means here in this context, the rim of the tyre is designed in such a way that it adds beauty to the car. While riding the car you can feel it. Before you choose to style your wheel make sure it is cost effective and worthy.

Requirements of the wheel

There are series under this category. You can visit or go to the webpage of and check various models. On of the model which we are going to discuss here is bmw style 32. The pictures of the wheel are available in the web page and they look so gorgeous.

  • For the series 1er E87+, The size is 6×16 and offset is ET 42
  • For the series 3er E36, the size is 7×15 and the except is 328i, M3 with offset ET 47 weighing 7,70 kg. the size is 7×15 * and the except is 328i, M3 with offset ET 47 weighing 7,70 kg. the size is 7×16 and except is M3 with offset ET 46 and weight 7,40 kg. the size is 7,5×17 * and except is M3 with offset ET 41 weighing 9,46 kg. the size is 7,5×17 * and except is Compact, M3 with offset ET 41 and weight of 9,46 kg for the front use. The size is 8,5×17 * and except is Compact, M3 with offset ET 41 and weighs 9,90 kg and this is for the back use. The size is 8×17 * and except is M3 with offset ET 47 weighing 10,39 kg.
  • For the series 3er E46, the size is 7×15 * and offset is ET 47. The size is 7×16 * and except is 330, M3 with offset ET 46. The size is 8×17 * with offset ET 47. The size is 8×18 and except is M3 with offset ET 47 and for the front usage. The size is 8,5×18 and except is M3 with offset ET 50 and for the back usage.
Trust the Shipping to a Family Member

Trust the Shipping to a Family Member

Are you in need  of a New Jersey vehicle shipping services from a topnotch vehicle shipping provider?Worry no more because VMS is here to serve you.

Propelled by more than 20 years of service in the vehicle shipping industry, our company assures great customer service. In consistent with our goal to create value for our clients, we provide not just excellent but also safe service. We know how much hard work you have put into purchasing your vehicle. And we don’t want to spoil that.

You Are a Family to Us

VMS is a family owned business. This serves as our guiding philosophy in treating the vehicle you have entrusted to us with utmost care. Every client is a member of our growing family. And we don’t want a family member feeling down.

VMS offers state-of- the-art enclosed transport to safely transfer luxury, exotic, or classic vehicles to their destinations to protect the vehicle from road debris and bad weather. We also offer open car carrier transport that can safely transport your vehicle from point A to point B.

You get to decide whether to take the enclosed or open – carrier transport for your vehicle. But, since you are a family to us, we give you advice based on your vehicle’s shipping needs. Just let us know when you need one.

Revved Up to Serve You

VMS is revved up to offer you the following services in shipping your vehicle to New Jersey:

  • Personalized quality vehicle shipment

 Vehicle are shipped in a container and are secured to the floor by wooden blocks and strapped in to prevent any movement during the shipping process. Containers may have single or multiple cars in it, depending on the customers’ request.

  • Smooth handling of paper works

We have a team of professionals who will handle all of the necessary paperwork including dock receipts, bill of ladings, title and registration presentation, which makes the car relocation experience easy and smooth.

 Let’s Ship in Five Easy Steps

 Shipping with us would only take five easy steps.

 Step 1

Fill out the contact form or just call us 908 666 7665.

Step 2

You will receive a call from our team member.

Step 3

We will give you an exact price quote based on your requests.

Step 4

We close the deal and arrange date and time for the pick – up.

Step 5

Relax and enjoy the clear process, while we will take care of the delivery.

Remember: Don’t trust shipping your vehicle to a stranger. You can always rely on and trust a family member.

New Best Cars under $15,000

New Best Cars under $15,000

When you have a limited budget then it’s not important that you have to go for the used cars all the time. You can get the new one as well in the same budget. Here is the list of best cars under $15,000. Go through them and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

1. Ford Fiesta:

Ford fiesta is available in $13,660 and you can get your hands on it when you have limited budget in your pocket. This car is known as the small car but when it comes to give the completion to the other cars then this is no less than the others. It has all the systems you need in a car including voice command.

  1. Chevrolet Spark:

The standard of the technology of this car is up to the mark and that’s why the demand of this car never gets away. You will be able to get your hands on the car in just $13,000. The fuel economy of the car on the highway shows 38 and in the city it shows 29mpg. It has all the standard features in it you need to drive.

  1. Fiat 500:

This super speedy car fiat 500 is available in new in just $14,995. This design of the car is small but the performance level of the car is of standard level. The engine of the car is turbocharged and this car is perfectly fine when you need something for day to day activities. The fuel efficiency of the car is according to your budget and you can run it for the long term.

4. Toyota Yaris:

The look of the Toyota Yaris is enough to make you to increase your budget. Toyota Yaris is absolutely perfect and when you look at the appearance then you will feel like this is the car you were waiting for. Although, this is not in the list of best cars under $15,000 you will get your hands in this beautiful car with just $15,250.

5. Chevrolet Sonic:

This car is known as the sub-compact car on the top. This will be available to you in $15, 145. Due to the features of the car you can increase the budget and the ride in this car is perfectly smooth. Fuel efficiency is also according to your budget so you don’t have to work hard in order to maintain this car for a long time.


Make Your Old Car Look Anew

Make Your Old Car Look Anew

Most people prefer contemporary cars over the old onesas they require less-frequent service, while old ones need frequent service to keep them running well. The new ones are built last and run for ages to come, however, you might have to take proper care of them to avoid being stranded when you go on a long drive or regular ride to your office.

People prefer their old cars over the new ones even when they have a bit of trouble maintaining them and keep them running. It might be the best deal to go for American Automotive Service Solutions or any car care solution to help you when your car breaks down, runs out of fuel, or wouldn’t start with a dead battery.

Maintain your old car to make them feel new

Most trouble areas come up when you don’t take care of your car and dust gets accumulated on its vital parts. It’s recommended that you clean your car frequently to identify the hidden problems and inspect your thoroughly. Cleaning your car frequently enables you to resolve most issues quickly rather than waiting for the eleventh hour when it becomes the worst.

American Automotive Service Solution

Braking systems are the vital part of your car, you should keep your car’s braking system youthful to make you less prone to accidents. However, braking system in old cars are prone to a lot of wear and tear, a set of tools, repair manual, and a helpful friend is all you need to brake bleed your car.

You can either go for professional mechanics to get the job done, it can be no harder than a regular oil change when you have intermediate mechanical skills. Finally, it comes to a matter of choices to fix an issue in your car to do it yourself or go for professionals.

Cars are no different than people

Cars, just like any other mechanical components, are prone to wear and tear when they have run long enough. When cars age they need more attention from mechanics or specialist, especially, the engine and other crucial areas for its ongoing survival.

You might end up stranded in your car when you haven’t signed up for American Automotive Service solution or any other reputable car care organization. Though you might have the urge to do everything on your own, but certain tasks require experts to get the jobs just the right way. It might be right thing to go for a professional mechanic when there’s a major issue in your car and give a break to your DIY spirit.

Stand out with these custom BMX jerseys

Stand out with these custom BMX jerseys

One of the most popular and trendy style in this day and age is the sporty style. Whether you like sports or not but almost everyone looks good in sporty attire. So for people who are sporty in real life should make it a point to look great while playing their sport. Cycling or particularly BMX cycling can be an extremely stylish sport. The bikes look mean and the bikers often have a lean physique which makes it a great combination. We often see bikers taking great care of their bikes. They even make a lot of effort to make their bikes look attractive by making stylish modifications. However, they often neglect their own attire, which is equally important in terms of style. One way to look good while on the bike is to choose nice and bright jerseys. There are even custom BMX jerseys which look great. Here is why you should order one right now

  • With nice stylish jerseys you and your team will stand out from the rest of the teams and cyclists. The advantage with custom BMX jerseys are that anyone can bring their designs for the jerseys and get it printed on their jerseys, it has a lot of opportunity to show your creativity. These jerseys will not only represent your team but also what your team stands for. To help the customers there are some basic sample designs to get started with.

  • Although these custom jerseys may look very fancy but these jerseys which are custom made do not cost a bomb. They often cost as much as or at times even lesser than the regular jerseys. You can buy them online and avail discounts and compare the rates too, even without much of a price difference you can stand out with your design in your jersey.
  • Ordering these jerseys are very easy too. First you need to shortlist a few websites that you may want to consider. Once you have done that and have compared the rates, you can narrow it down to one website. You need to contact that website via email or call. Once you tell them the number of jerseys you require they will give you a quote. Once you are satisfied with the quote you can confirm the order with a token deposit. After that the designers will work in collaboration with you to make the jersey of your choice. It’s that simple.


When you buy all those fancy cars with your hard earned money you would do everything possible to keep it safe and protect it not only from burglars but from the harsh climatic conditions as well. For protecting your car you would need a cover that is made of durable material, light, easy to put on and take off and the most important of all protect your car. There are various companies which cater to this, or the car vendor who you bought your car from, may provide you with it. There are diverse options for cayman car covers which can be got done or custom fit. The colours, the material used etc. can be decided by the customer. The budget that you have decides the quality of what you want.

The kinds available

There are two kinds – Indoor car covers are made custom fit which has a smooth fleece finish which prevents any scratches while putting on or taking of. They are a perfect fit for the car. It prevents the car from getting dusty too. These covers fit every contour of your car and helps to keep your car in top condition at all times.

cayman car covers

Outdoor car covers are to prevent the damage from the sun to the car; another harsher element of nature. The cover cannot be stolen too when outdoors as it has special latch ons snugly fitted out of reach of miscreants. They are made from the toughest material to protect your harshest sun’s rays. The sediments, water, dirt and other pollutants like smoke will not spoil your car with the use of these weatherproof covers.

The companies offer a lot more variations in terms of design, look, fabric and customised according to your accessories of the car.

The cayman car covers are for persons who aren’t regular drivers or have more than one car. The moisture, vapours etc. are not allowed to reach your car. With vehicle tags to each cover to help you identify your car, the company also provides good storage bags to keep the covers when not in use.

They can be shipped to any place in the world and custom made ones need a little more time for delivery.

A life time of warranty is provided and if there is damage by severe abrasions, oil spill, bleach etc then a certain prorated amount would be required to replace it. If smaller cuts in the material or other minor things will be replaced free of cost.

Car tire chains: An Actual Need or Mere Hearsay?

Car tire chains: An Actual Need or Mere Hearsay?

In this fast changing and pacing world, time is getting to be scarcer like every day! The ones who are in the working class are the best example of this current phenomenon. No wonder, the traffic of transportation of personal vehicles is bulging out of its limits, quite almost really! Another aspect, though, could be the ones who can spare some time and stick to the old school of thought of normal car tires. But this is not always a good idea when there is snow. And this is where the snow chains for cars come into picture.

The importance of snow chains arises when there is snowfall and as a result the roads are full of snow. Whereas the tire chains can be used even in the dry weather conditions to keep them in healthy condition always. It aids in driving on bad roads as well, if the tires are going to be installed with chains always. If a driver is of prudent nature and they well versed with the conditions of the road they encounter every day, they will not want the vehicle to be subjected to too harsh conditions on road and will prefer to use the tire chains all the time, this also ensures that the tires are in good condition for a longer time.

Car tire chains An Actual Need or Mere Hearsay

Harsh weather conditions

There are few countries which experience record snowfall during winters every year, and during heavy snowfall the roads are going to be blocked. But the movement of vehicles can’t be stopped due snow as everyday activities are to be carried out every day, they have to keep moving on the snow laden roads. But this can also result in lot of accidents due to snow. The best precautionary measure is to prepare the vehicles for driving in such conditions. The snow chains offer the necessary protection that is required to prevent accidents on the snow clad roads and provide for the safety of passengers.

These snow chains for cars must be fitted properly; any loose fitting of the chain around the tire can pose the risk of accident to the drivers. It is advised that the chain must tightened more for the second time after travelling a shorter distance as it usually becomes loose after traveling a distance of few miles.

It is not so easy task but once you start being comfortable you will experience the beauty of driving in snow.

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s Model 3

One of the most excitedly anticipated vehicles, Tesla Model 3 will hit roads by mid-2017. It seems like people from all over the world are waiting to get their hands on Tesla’s entry-level model. Hundreds and thousands of people have already pre-ordered the battery operated vehicle, and deposited $1000 for their car.

Here are the things that you need to know about Tesla’s upcoming electronic giant:

Sleek design

Model 3 has come up with some new design traits, especially with a flat, non-grill front face. The company has simplified the design for aerodynamic purposes. It has achieved a drag coefficient of just 0.21cd, and this is highly efficient compared to other electric cars.

It’s smaller than Model S, and with the short front it looks stubbier. This model doesn’t come with a hatchback boot, but instead, it has a second storage space under the bonnet. The wheels are made of alloys, and you can choose a wide range of exterior colors.


Designed for the new era of self-driving

Despite being the cheapest car of Tesla make, Model 3 will also come with self-driving features. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that from this year forward all cars manufactured by them will have an all-new level 5 autonomous self-driving capability. Model 3 is the first car to be launched with this self-driving technology.

However, enhancing this autopilot feature will cost as much as $5,000. At this cost, the company will equip your car with self-parking features, self-driving capabilities for highways, and the ability to summon the car for a short distance. A fully self-driving car would cost $8,000, but the feature won’t be activated until a few years from now.

Charge and power your car

This model will be capable of running at least 215 miles on a single charge.The Powerwall 2 and powerpack 2 cells are being produced with the Model 3. Tesla also claims that it would manufacture as much as 35GWh/year of lithium-ion cells by 2018.

Tesla’s newest battery pack will have a comprehensively updated cooling system that’s more advanced than its predecessor. The model 3 will go on with a single charge without requiring any bigger battery packs. It’s also capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in less than 6 seconds. A 30-minute fast charging will give you a further 160 miles, and this is more than enough for an electric car.

Car production and release

The deliveries will begin in late 2017. Production is on the go, and the first to pre-orderwill receive it soon. However, the waiting list is long and many customers won’t get it until 2018. Tesla hasn’t announced the official price of the car just yet.

The company has said that the basic model 3 will cost around $30,000. You need to pay extra for added features, like access to supercharger, autopilot, and dual motor. By 2018 Tesla motors has also planned to scale up production to 5, 00,000 cars a year to meet the customers’ demands. We can expect this self-driven car to run on the highways pretty soon.