Acrylic Crystal and Glass Awards: What’s the Difference?

Acrylic Crystal and Glass Awards: What’s the Difference?

Generally, employers are found confused when asked about the difference between acrylic, glass and crystal awards. It is easier to that why some people may mix all the materials up. These substances are very similar to each other, but there a number of differences present between them.

Want to know all the differences between the types of awards before you invest a pool of money on them?

Here is everything you need to know about the Custom Acrylic Awards, Glass Awards and crystal awards along with the qualities of the awards you are planning to go to:

Acrylic Awards

Perhaps the easiest material to discern, acrylic may look a lot like glass, but you’ll notice a difference as soon as you touch the substance. Many people often refer to the brand name Plexiglas© when they use the acrylic material. The substance feels a little more like plastic and is much more durable. Here are some of the key differences, according to Hydrosight Corp., an organization that specializes in engineering transparent plastic appliances.

This is one of the simplest material to discern, acrylic look like glass, but you will notice between two of them just when you touch them. Acrylic may feel like a little more like plastic and is highly durable. Below are some key differences you can consider when buying custom acrylic awards.

  1. Acrylic glass is scratch resistant and shatterproof. Also, the material can easily be handled when compared to crystal or glass.
  2. It very light and can be processed easily, this factor makes it cheaper than glass.
  3. The acrylic material has a softer surface and can be polished to add a touch of luxury.

Glass awards

A glass is a material commonly used to make windows and glassware. The confusion comes when telling the difference between glass and crystal. Due this reason several products are made from a glass is labeled as crystal and is sold at a higher price.

Crystal Awards

The higher content of lead in a crystal makes them very attractive material used by various artisans. When the light travels through a crystal-it gets diffracted and breaks down in a beautiful spectrum of colors. This feature is exactly what makes crystals different from any other material available. You can also carve and additional cuts to increase its sparkling quality. Always keep in mind that the glittering quality of crystal will not be found in any other material like acrylic or glass.