Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s Model 3

One of the most excitedly anticipated vehicles, Tesla Model 3 will hit roads by mid-2017. It seems like people from all over the world are waiting to get their hands on Tesla’s entry-level model. Hundreds and thousands of people have already pre-ordered the battery operated vehicle, and deposited $1000 for their car.

Here are the things that you need to know about Tesla’s upcoming electronic giant:

Sleek design

Model 3 has come up with some new design traits, especially with a flat, non-grill front face. The company has simplified the design for aerodynamic purposes. It has achieved a drag coefficient of just 0.21cd, and this is highly efficient compared to other electric cars.

It’s smaller than Model S, and with the short front it looks stubbier. This model doesn’t come with a hatchback boot, but instead, it has a second storage space under the bonnet. The wheels are made of alloys, and you can choose a wide range of exterior colors.


Designed for the new era of self-driving

Despite being the cheapest car of Tesla make, Model 3 will also come with self-driving features. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that from this year forward all cars manufactured by them will have an all-new level 5 autonomous self-driving capability. Model 3 is the first car to be launched with this self-driving technology.

However, enhancing this autopilot feature will cost as much as $5,000. At this cost, the company will equip your car with self-parking features, self-driving capabilities for highways, and the ability to summon the car for a short distance. A fully self-driving car would cost $8,000, but the feature won’t be activated until a few years from now.

Charge and power your car

This model will be capable of running at least 215 miles on a single charge.The Powerwall 2 and powerpack 2 cells are being produced with the Model 3. Tesla also claims that it would manufacture as much as 35GWh/year of lithium-ion cells by 2018.

Tesla’s newest battery pack will have a comprehensively updated cooling system that’s more advanced than its predecessor. The model 3 will go on with a single charge without requiring any bigger battery packs. It’s also capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in less than 6 seconds. A 30-minute fast charging will give you a further 160 miles, and this is more than enough for an electric car.

Car production and release

The deliveries will begin in late 2017. Production is on the go, and the first to pre-orderwill receive it soon. However, the waiting list is long and many customers won’t get it until 2018. Tesla hasn’t announced the official price of the car just yet.

The company has said that the basic model 3 will cost around $30,000. You need to pay extra for added features, like access to supercharger, autopilot, and dual motor. By 2018 Tesla motors has also planned to scale up production to 5, 00,000 cars a year to meet the customers’ demands. We can expect this self-driven car to run on the highways pretty soon.